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Enfusia Obtains NSF Certification: ISO 22716

As Enfusia has continued to grow, documented quality became more important. Every company can say they make quality products but what does that mean exactly? In the personal care, bath & body space, we are governed by the FDA; however, since we are not a drug, there is no FDA certification process. This is where third-party independent certifications come into play. Manufacturers have no obligation to participate in third-party testing or verification processes. 

We felt to achieve our goals and to become an authority in the bath space, we must obtain a certification of some kind.  Simply to say we follow good manufacturing processes really doesn’t mean anything.

In 2017 we engaged in a very rigorous quality process. This included supplier audits, ingredients testing, and finished product testing from independent laboratories. Additionally, we invested in technology and software to assist with the process. As you might imagine, there was a significant cost, but we felt it was necessary to achieve the status we were going for.

We engaged NSF International, an industry powerhouse in the field of certification and regulation. They consider themselves a public health and safety organization. An NSF certification assures suppliers, retailers, regulators and consumers that an independent organization has reviewed a product’s manufacturing process and has determined that the product complies with specific standards for safety, quality, sustainability or performance. From extensive product testing and material analyses to plant inspections and auditing, NSF evaluates every aspect of a product’s development.

Since Enfusia also manufactures products for other brands nationally, the NSF certification became another differentiator in the field of contract manufacturing. Any brand owner who works directly with Enfusia to private label their own products can be assured complete transparency with all documentation and manufacturing processes. We know exactly what goes into every product manufactured in this facility. Nothing leaves our building without a lot code, which allows full traceability. It’s a significant differentiator in a field of personal care manufacturing companies both domestic and abroad. 

Enfusia is thrilled to have obtained the NSF Certification. It shows our customers they can trust the products and the facility in which they are made. We aren’t just another bath products company; we are the bath experts!

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