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Woodlands-based Enfusia receives accolades with Crystal Award from AMA Houston for its Muscle Rehab product packaging design.

The Woodlands, Texas (June 5, 2018) – Enfusia, a Woodlands-based natural bath and body products company, has won the 2018 Crystal Award in the Packaging Design category by AMA Houston for its new Muscle Rehab product.

Each spring, AMA Houston recognizes Texas’ top marketers among hundreds of entries for its Crystal Awards competition in 63 categories ranging from print and radio spots to website design, social media advertising and everything in between.Entries are evaluated for their appeal and selected by a panel of marketing professionals from across the country.

According to Debra Myers, founder and CEO of Enfusia, Muscle Rehab is a bath soak product made with USP Epsom salts and essential oils to soothe sore and fatigued muscles, and to relieve onset muscle soreness. Enfusia debuted Muscle Rehab in March 2018 and it currently can be found in retail stores such as H-E-B, Central Market, and Fleet Feet or online at The product comes in the form of a bath bomb or loose bath soak.

Given the initial idea directive by Enfusia CEO and founder Debra Myers, the packaging concept was created by Efren Cavazos of Abstract Creative, LLC, a Houston-based branding and digital marketing studio. Myers and her Enfusia team, led by Enfusia’s Sr. Graphic Designer Edwin Enciso, then collaborated to fine-tune the final package design, ensuring the fonts, colors, and UPC retail code were clear for the final printing and packaging presentation.

“For us, as a local company, to receive such prestigious acclaim for our new Muscle Rehab product package design is quite an honor,” said Myers. “It is so cool that our little brand has received recognition by AMA Houston because we realize they received hundreds of entries. We feel the design is attractive and dynamic as it conveys the experience of an effective bath soak.”

Muscle Rehab is made with USP-grade Epsom salts, which are the purest, most effective form, and arnica herb extract to soothe muscle aches and pains. The aromatic fragrances of peppermint, eucalyptus and clary sage from natural essential oils help to open the air passages, provide relaxation and rejuvenation, and fight inflammation.

Myers said Muscle Rehab is specifically designed for people on the move. It can be used in a warm bath or as a cold soak, or used in an alternation of both which can be especially therapeutic. “Whether you’re a serious athlete or an avid gardener, muscle soreness doesn’t have to slow you down,” Myers added.

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