Learn more about Enfusia's Bath Soaks with Benefits


Here at Enfusia we pride ourselves on providing high quality bath products that actually benefit your body while relaxing and delighting the senses. Our Bath Soaks with Benefits perfectly encapsulate the Enfusia spirit by providing high quality ingredients that not only smell amazing, but also have real and powerful benefits. Click the links below to learn more about the benefits of each mighty ingredient in our different Bath Soaks with Benefits blends!


Coconut Milk & Argan

Our Coconut Milk & Argan Bath Soak with Benefits combines ingredients to help sooth and heal dry skin.

Arnica & Eucalyptus

Our Arnica & Eucalyptus Bath Soak with Benefits is the perfect soak to help you feel better when you’re a bit down in the dumps because of the effects of a cold or allergies.

Borage & Bergamot

Our Borage & Bergamot Bath Soak with Benefits is perfect for a relaxing soak to soothe the senses, and provide a feeling of vibrant wellbeing.

Aloe & Avocado

Our Aloe & Avocado Bath Soak with Benefits soothes the skin, while also healing and protecting the skin simultaneously.




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